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You don’t have to worry about people coming in and out of your house and potentially stealing stuff.  You also don’t’ have to fret about scam artists who know your house is for sale and try to rent it out illegally.

Selling to us removes all the potential stress.

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While a lot of investors back out at last minute if they can’t find another buyer, our offer is GUARANTEED, so if we don’t buy the house, you get to keep our deposit.

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If your house is in good shape and we think you could get more money selling through a realtor, we’ll tell you so. We’ll even refer you to a good realtor.

If we think it makes sense to make you an offer, we’ll recommend that you shop around before accepting it so you can feel truly confident in your decision.

And when it comes time to do paperwork, we’ll recommend you have your own attorney review the contract.

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Dallas Tx

With a population of 1,281,047 inhabitants, Dallas is the third largest city in the state of Texas and is the largest urban center of the fourth most populous metropolitan area in the country. Dallas is home to an endless variety of cultural, recreational, academic and athletic activities. This fast-paced city attracts both working professionals as well as families with children. It is one of the most car-oriented cities in America, with over 80% of professionals using cars to commute to their job. Dallas is located at the confluence of four major interstate highways. Being a large city, it also has a well-established public transportation system that many professionals use instead of driving. Single residents make up 35% of the population, and nearly one-third of the adults in Dallas hold college degrees or higher. The median age is 33 years old, making this an attractive city for single, young working professionals who want to experience the energy of a big city.

Every week in Dallas presents a seemingly endless list of events, concerts, new restaurants, sporting games, and other activities. The music scene in north Texas attracts performers from around the country and the world. The Arts District is located in Downtown Dallas, and it is home to a number of galleries, museums, and performance spaces. It is the largest continuous arts district in the entire country. Dallas is also known for its cuisine, specifically barbeque, authentic Mexican food, and Tex-Mex. The city is host to a variety of festivals and fairs, including the Texas State Fair, holiday parades, food festivals, and more.

Sports are one of the major draws for residents of Dallas. The city is home to six major league sports teams: Dallas Cowboys (football), Dallas Mavericks (men’s basketball), Texas Rangers (baseball), Dallas Stars (hockey), FC Dallas (soccer), and the Dallas Wings (women’s basketball). There are a number of universities and colleges as well that also have their own sports team. Many arenas and sports complexes can be found around the city. Along with all of the cultural and athletic opportunities, Dallas also maintains an emphasis on nature, parks and recreation. There are 406 parks located on 21,000 acres of parkland.  There are also 21 nature preserves in the city, a variety of biking and hiking trails, and the Dallas Zoo, which was first zoo in Texas and is still the largest zoo in the state.

For those living in Dallas, it is split about half and half between renting and owning a residence. 44% of residences are single-detached family homes, and 44% are complexes or high-rise apartments. The median household income is $41,765. While the median listing price of houses can be quite high in Dallas, around $400K, the average home value is lower, around $189,500. About one-fourth of the population in Dallas is below the age of 17, so school districts have received a lot of attention from the local government. There are 337 public schools, 89 private schools, 38 colleges and 32 libraries in Dallas. Most public schools for children are served by the Dallas Independent School District, the 12th largest school district in the United States. The crime rate in Dallas, 12.06 per 1,000 people, is lower than big cities like Washington, D.C., St. Louis, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Miami.

Dallas, being such a large city, attracts a diverse community of residents. 58% of the population reports its race to be White. 24% reports its race to be African American. 11% identify as another race, and 41% report their ethnicity to be Hispanic or Latino. With such a diverse, cultural environment, Dallas attracts families and working professionals from all over the country to enjoy the fast-paced lifestyle of a big city.

Dallas TX Zip Codes

75051 75215 75229 75240
75203 75216 75230 75241
75204 75217 75231 75243
75206 75218 75232 75244
75208 75219 75233 75248
75209 75220 75234 75249
75210 75223 75235 75252
75211 75224 75236 75253
75212 75227 75237 75254
75214 75228 75238 75287